Jillian collections’ clothes are a match between glamour and fineness, a merger between classical and modern for a cool and female bride, who’s romantic and always attentive to details.

The pleasure of treating every detail of our creations, the conscious art of combining and mixing precious materials without excesses, thinking about a single, original and contemporary bride

Quality and style are Jillian’s most important features: from the choice of raw materials to control production, from precision and accuracy of cuts to vestibility, everything is conceived and realized to obtain unique clothes for elegance and refinement, design and innovation.


Valeria Prisco, Jillian’s creative soul, took the first steps in the world of fashion as retailer manager in the company’s family.

Research of tissues, originality of embroidery, attention to Italian sartorial tradition, focus on details, modernity of cuts are her daily challenges.

Massimo Moles, co-founder and owner of Jillian, has been working on bride-business for more than 30 years.

‘Made in Italy’ as a reference model, the quality of clothes as an imperative of production, are the columns on which he bases his daily work.