JILLIAN – About us

Jillian collections meet the sweet spot between glamour and refinement, a classic and modern fusion for a fresh and womanly bride, sometimes romantic and always careful about the details.

It’s our pleasure to take care of every detail in our creations, with the knowledgeable art of combining and mixing precious materials without excess, thinking about a unique, original and contemporary bride.

Jillian’s most important ideals are quality and style: from choosing the raw materials to keeping a very close eye to production, from checking accuracy and precision of the cutting to a precise fit, everything is thought out to obtain dresses which are unique for their elegance and refinement, design and innovation.

Jillian collections are distributed in Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Lebanon, Japan, and Thailand.

Jillian exhibits every year in Italy Bridal Expo (Rome), and Sposaitalia (Milano).

Valeria PriscoJillian‘s creative soul, enters the fashion world as sales and purchasing manager of her family company.

Refinement in the draperies, originality in the embroideries, attention to the Italian sartorial tradition, focus on the details, and modernity in the cuts are her daily challenges.

Massimo Moles, cofounder and owner of Jillian, is in the bridal business from more than 30 years.

“Made in Italy” as a reference model, and the quality of the dresses as a production imperative, are the columns on which he lays his daily operation in the company.

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